Much time has passed and i didn’t write any thing .. i guess i couldn’t talk cause all my thoughts was lost and too much that i couldn’t clear them .. and it kinda seemed easier to not talk and explain or even say what on my mind.. but what’s the difference ! ..if i kept like that .. no thing would change .. no thing would happen .. i woke up one day and i didn’t wanna feel like that any more .. i am done with sadness .. with every thing that is killing me inside .. life is rough no doubt and in some days and nights u will be exhausted from thinking in what ever troubles u .. but that’s the big test .. that’s where u have to get up .. with pain and fight your road through life .. and run as hard as u can to turn your dreams into reality .. it’s the time when u decide that troubles.. sadness.. anger .. and every thing u feel weather it will beat u down or will strengthen u .. every thing in life happens for a reason .. most people have no idea how strong they are .. how they can truly be what they want if they fight for the life they want .. for themselves at least .. but we choose to live in that sad feeling with this sad way only because we feel safe in some kind of way in the feeling we used to that we have fear to try a new one .. but how will we know if we didn’t try .. a bad timing .. or bad things is not a bad life … u need to remember it’s not the end of the world and u can accomplish so many if u just believe u can .. fight harder and harder .. change to the better .. to the person u wanna be … u can .. just say it .. remember all the suffering and challenge every thing .. show your self before u show the world how strong u r .. that’s the thing about pain .. “it demands to be felt ” so feel it and accept it but don’t let it control u or break u . let it make u stronger and better .. if u believe .. any thing is possible .. i started with my self .. i am working on my self .. yea it’s hard but trust me it will be worthy ,, cause how bad u feel now it won’t last forever when u decide it won’t .. fight .. fight for who u r .. i believe in u .. i can and u can .. 🙂 u have the power to change every thing starting with your self .. 🙂 just START .

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