Some Words

It’s amazing how feelings change every single day , how we react to every thing and even how we reply and how we handle every thing , and the way we think , it’s amazing , isn’t it , how u be up sometimes and even how u be down , i kept thinking today what should i write , and thoughts were running out of my mind , but i had a big desire for writing , so , what i wanna say is most of the time emotions control in us or perhaps i should say all the time , sometimes it’s a bad thing and sometimes not , cause when u r happy u be overwhelmed and when u get sad u just be sad , but the truth is u can change that , u can control every thing and even your emotions , learn to love every thing starting with your self , your flaws before your goods , learn that failure will only drive u to learning and success , it doesn’t mean that u failed , then it’s the end of the world . and i remember someone who is really dear on my heart told me once when i didn’t a degree for me so much and said it sucks , that person told me no it’s not cause i am sure u earned and learned more than the person who had the final degree , and that’s true , who falls , only gets stronger not weaker but wiser as well , so love your self and learn and fall and learn again , but never give up , dream big , set goals and take action .

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