A change

so many has happened . nowadays i started to feel something new , something a long time has passed and i didn’t feel , a feeling that happiness is there and that u could really achieve it , that u could make a difference , i hope that every one who might feel sad or upset in a day could know that life is full of ups and downs and with out the downs we wouldn’t know the ups , so many people was talking to me about how life is hard and sometimes it’s not fair and they start to lose their hope in happiness but the truth is otherwise , i know how life can get hard sometimes but that doesn’t mean that u give up , it means to fight stronger and stronger , to know that there must be something that will make u really happy and make it up to every thing u have been through , that u could look past every thing that has passed in your life and be able to say , u didn’t defeat me , and now watch me my life while i am making my dreams and going to the top . it’s strange sometimes how every thing happens in a time u never expected weather it’s love that u have never seen like and new which stolen your heart just like that or a phone call u didn’t expect to tell your hard work is being appreciated or even something totally different makes u feel simply happy , so whoever u are and where ever u r , don’t u dare to give up cause there is something beautiful and great is waiting for u so don’t give up . get ready for a change .

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