New View

a long time passed and i didn’t write . a lot of things has happened . i actually took the vacation and i am very glad but it’s short . i wish it would be a little longer i went out a lot and ate delicious food ans sweets but rather than food , i enjoyed cause i decided to be happy . i decided to follow my dreams and wear my passion . I DECIDED TO BE HAPPY . i knew in these past days that what ever happens and u think it’s bad , it’s not cause u know it was for the better after it ; and when u experience something new u have never knew before and it seems to u wonderful . i know now that we r the only people who can decide what we want . we r the only ones who can say that’s what i want and that’s what i will fight for . the only ones who love and decide yes that’s what i feel so . do not let any one tell u u can’t do this or u can’t that . u r the one who decides what u want what u need and WHO U R so keep moving never stop . have fun , and live your life . LIFE IT WITH EVERY SMALL THING .

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